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 How am I doing with this Space Dork? Have any ideas, questions, or comments for how I can improve or what I am doing right? Please leave them!

Mind you, I have only one rule for this...

Don't be a dick. Constructive criticism is amazing, but flat out flaming is not. You will be deleted and banned if you go that route.

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 Hey, this is Mark. I'm currently away and unable to answer your call. If you leave a name, number, and message I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible...

(A pause.) 

Unless your a spam call, then go to hell. Not interested. No habla ingles... I don't want your service or product and my computer is working just fine, thank you very much. 

In any case, Watney out.

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Player Information:

Name: Teddiursa
Age/18+?:  24
Contact: [ profile] wanderinspirits7 
Other Characters Played: Marie Kreutz ([personal profile] marie_kreutz )
Most Recent AC Link:
Character Information:

Name: Mark Watney
Canon: The Martian (novel)
Canon Point: Sol 120-121 (during the time Mark is asleep between sols)
Age: 41 (*Not specifically stated in novel canon, but movie canon states his birth date as October 12, 1994 and the launch date has been stated as being 2035)

Type of Character: Canon


Setting Concepts:

Ares missions

"The Ares 1 crew did their thing and came back heroes. They got parades and fame and the love of the world. Ares 2 did the same, in a different location on Mars. They got a firm handshake and a hot cup of coffee when they got home. Ares 3. Well, that was my mission. Okay, not mine per se. Commander Lewis was in charge. I was just one of her crew. Actually, I was the very lowest ranked member of the crew. I would only be "in command" of the mission if I were the only remaining person. What do you know? I'm in command."

The Ares space program began in the early 21st Century where the first humans walked on Mars during the Ares I mission. During the preparation work for a particular mission a series of unmanned supply drops are deployed to Mars and are meant to supply the crew after their arrival on the planet's surface. Supplies include 56 days worth of food (for "redundancy") for a crew of 6, supplies for building the HAB, and things such as a radio for communication.

All Ares crew members travel to Mars in the Hermes, a spacecraft that uses powerful ion engines to accelerate to extreme speeds. The Ares III crew is made up of 6 astronauts (Lewis, Martinez, Johanssen, Vogel, Beck, and Watney). Mark is stated to be the 17th person to step foot on Mars due to a tattoo story he tells about the crew getting their Ares numbers before launch.

There was an Ares IV mission originally planned, but it was (presumably) cancelled because of Mark's rescue, though in canon, it is stated that the crew for that mission was willing to undergo the mission even if it changed to just rescuing Mark.


An American nonmilitary organization. Most of the novel's characters are employed with this organization or have connection to it. A few others such as Vogel belong and work for other agencies.

Some of the key players for instrumenting Mark's rescue and keeping Mark alive include:

Mindy Park - Woman working at SatCon and was the person to realize Mark was still alive. Later is put in charge of watching Mark's every move and reporting it.

Annie Montose - The PR director for NASA.

Teddy Sanders - He makes the decisions to not tell the crew about Mark's survival until there is a reasonable plan of rescue and later decides against the Rich Purnell maneuver.

Venkat Kapoor - A scientist/director for NASA who is the reason Mindy Park discovers that Mark is still alive. He is calm and collected - often willing to listen to both sides of an argument before make a decision of what he thinks is right. He is a driving force in getting the different groups and departments within the agency and outside to work together to rescue their man. 

Mitch Henderson - The Flight Director. He is the person who fights the administration's initial decision to not inform the crew about Mark's survival and situation. Eventually, after Sanders' decision he secretly sends the crew the numbers for the Rich Purnell maneuver and trusts them to do the "right thing". 


The Hab (short for "The Habitat") is an artificial living quarter. It was built to be able to house six people for a total of 30 days without issue. The habitat includes features such as the Oxygenator and Water Reclaimer which allows for things such as oxygen and water to be accessible to the crew.

The Hab is powered via solar panels arranged in a small energy farm outside the unit. These cells have to be periodically cleared in order to keep producing the power necessary to keep the HAB optional. It is also important to note that all waste and excrement is removed through a vacuum-dried waste removal system. This gives Mark access material to use when creating fertilizer for his potato farm. The bacteria is killed during the process but Mark notes that it still retrains complex proteins that would be good for growing plants.

Mark will come into game around the time that the HAB is "destroyed" in the novel.


Short for the Mars Ascent Vehicle.

The Ares 3 crew had taken their mission's respective MAV with them during the dust storm on sol 6 that had it mandatory for the team to evacuate the planet and make it necessary to end the mission 24 days before its scheduled competition. The MAV is not only a method of transportation but also allows for long distance communication, but because the crew took the vehicle when they were evacuating the planet - Mark was left with a unusable radio only.


Short for the Mars Decent Vehicle .

Martinez was the crew member responsible for piloting and getting himself and the crew down to the surface from the Hermes with this vehicle.

The flight was described as being like in tumble dryer and Mark notes that it was like 20 minutes of trying to not crap his pants, but that Martinez "owned that landing" and because of his friend's skill he has spare parts and access of leftover fuel.


“As with most of life's problems, this one can be solved by a box of pure radiation.”

Mark uses this on multiple occasions - it was something that was originally buried far away from the human crew, but was dug up and used as a supplemental source of heat during his rover "road trips". He claims that the item will be safe as long as nothing "cracks" in it and if it does crack that his "cancer will have cancer".


The method of transportation for the Ares missions. It is designed to be able to last a set amount of time in space without much fear of "something breaking" but it is also meant to be repaired in between missions. It is the only one of its kind in existence due to the cost of building it.

The craft is able to travel the long distance to Mars and back to Earth because of its ion drives which allow it to travel at a constant 2 mm/s2.

Watney Report

A highly rated television show which NASA uses to report Mark's status but also its high ratings make it possible for the agency to receive emergency funding and support.

Rich Purnell maneuver
"Houston, be advised... Rich Purnell is a steely-eyed missile man.."

This is one of two options that NASA has when it comes to keeping Mark alive. The maneuver is meant to serve as a "slingshot trajectory" which uses the Earth's gravitational pull and can send both the crew and the Hermes back to Mars.

This was said to be the personal obsession of Rich Purnell and was not a project given to him by NASA. He toiled over the math for weeks.


“They say no plan survives first contact with implementation. I’d have to agree.”

Mark often decides to take what happens to him in stride ("It's Tuesday") and in some sense comes across as extremely easygoing (and maybe to those who aren't close to him or knows enough about him - he comes across as someone who, at least at moments, is entirely undisciplined or someone who lacks maturity or the ability to be serious). For example, when he is asked to be photographed from the surface of Mars to prove that he is still alive - he pulls a "Fonzie" from Happy Days to the dismay of the P.R. department.

He also makes numerous wisecracks and random observations about meaningless topics throughout his many logs ("Aquaman being able to control whales when whales are mammals and not fish"). He also is shown in the mobile game "The Martian: Bring Him Home" to crack painfully lame jokes such as "What do you call a bear without teeth?" "A Gummy Bear!" to the player's dismay and possible amusement. Mark also is said in the mobile game to be a fan of "Doctor Who" and becomes emotional when the player uploads an email from David Tennant to him and talks about how that brings him back to being a kid again.

He rarely shows any real noticeable concern, anger, or fear in stressful situations (at least not for very long periods of time - he's quick to get this frustration out and move on to what needs to be done) and normally instead opts to crack a joke or laugh instead. It is stated in canon, that it was his ability to make a stressful situation light, along with his winning personality, that made it possible for him to even be chosen for the Ares 3 mission. It was the very way he carried himself and views things that made him mesh well with everyone else and helped with the crew's chemistry with each other. When he does show any sort of stress, he tends to go straight to cursing (usually showing a tendency to use phases such as "I'm fucked") and in one circumstance took to cowering in a rover when he became aware that he had created a ticking time bomb out of his shelter.

However, this does not keep him down for too long and he quickly recovers and tries to find his way out of trouble. The only time he seems to come close to giving up entirely was when the the airlock he had become accustomed to using malfunctioned due to the canvas that makes up the habitat itself ripping from prolonged use (way beyond the 30 sols - it finally gives up on sol 119) and sent itself and Mark flinging through the air. At that moment Mark realizes his helmet is cracked and is leaking air rapidly - he, understandably, goes into a cursing frenzy and even says that he's sick of the planet and its "game". 

He quickly creates another log stating that he had gotten that out of his system and was looking for a solution to his issue.

“LOG ENTRY: SOL 381 I’ve been thinking about laws on Mars.

Yeah, I know, it’s a stupid thing to think about, but I have a lot of free time.

There’s an international treaty saying no country can lay claim to anything that’s not on Earth. And by another treaty, if you’re not in any country’s territory, maritime law applies.

So Mars is “international waters.”

NASA is an American nonmilitary organization, and it owns the Hab. So while I’m in the Hab, American law applies. As soon as I step outside, I’m in international waters. Then when I get in the rover, I’m back to American law.

Here’s the cool part: I will eventually go to Schiaparelli and commandeer the Ares 4 lander. Nobody explicitly gave me permission to do this, and they can’t until I’m aboard Ares 4 and operating the comm system. After I board Ares 4, before talking to NASA, I will take control of a craft in international waters without permission.

That makes me a pirate!

A space pirate!”

A notable example of this ability to pick himself up from a moment It is debatable if some of his jokes are signs of him having a bit of an ego (or an overabundance of confidence in himself) or if he's just trying to keep himself calm and his defense mechanism is to use humor to defuse a tense situation . He tends to refer to himself as a number of "crazy" things such as "the King of Mars" or a "space pirate".

He also seems to take a bit of amused tone when he realizes that because of the situation he is stuck in - he has become the highest ranking member of the crew and therefore in charge. The longer he is on the planet, the more his ability follow social norms diminishes and his jokes and actions become more "devil may care" and even potentially offensive. He's incredibly independent by the time he manages to recover Pathfinder but shows a side that is absolutely overjoyed that he can at least speak to another person, to have a connection to "home". He always reminds the reader that he is thrilled to be able to receive messages but he hates having to constantly update NASA and having to wait on them to decide what it is he should do (and in one case it taking 5 hours).

(*For the sake of game rules, I will be putting a permissions post up for him and will do my best to kill his humor acceptable. Jokes such as the soon to be mentioned reply to NASA telling him to watch his language will not happen in game.)

He also is shown to be a bit dismayed or even irritated that NASA wants multiple experts back on Earth to double check his work and even states in a message that he would like to request to tell them to go screw themselves, upon another. He even takes to being told to watch his language by replying to NASA's warning by typing a risque, even raunchy joke. He also makes a comment about how NASA selects its candidates for the space program based off of their ability to be independent and able to function miles upon miles away from civilization.

It is also heavily shown that he is very forgiving towards the actions of the rest of the crew and is understanding on why he had been left behind and thought of as dead. He even admits that when his suit was damaged, his vitals would have disappeared on the other crew members' suits and that along with the object piercing through his own suit - how could they not believe he died?

His relationship with the crew is very much like that of his own family. and he seems to be extremely close to them. He often teases the crew in his messages and even some of this thoughts he cracks jokes at their various interests and personalities, but he never means any ill will and everyone tends to laugh at his shenanigans or thinks of them as just a "Mark-ism". It's stated that it is his ability to get along with everyone and even bring everyone together that made him an essential member of the crew and the crew had taken his "death" very hard. However, he has tremendous respect for them, especially his commander.

He even states in the novel that if she were on Mars with him and told him to do as NASA asked or gave him a similar order - he would comply with "no problem" and then goes on to admit that he has a hard time listening to a faceless group of bureaucrats that are back on Earth and not entirely aware or understanding of his situation. Mark also has a few choice words to give those listening (reading) back on Earth when he is told about a committee that was formed to investigate his being left behind on Mars. He knows as well as the reader that Lewis will most likely be blamed and used as a scapegoat by someone and he warns them that if they do so that he will publicly refute the finding and even goes as far as to mention that the others on the crew would do the same. He tells that that he will have no part in their "witch hunt" and states that she did what she had to do. Mark does often have moments that will be referred to by his mundane as "goddammit, Lewis" when it comes to her taste in television and music. (She's obsessed with the 1970's.)

Mark also is the person who is the reason that Beck and Johanssen become a couple - he advises Beck in a private message that he needed to just "get on with it and tell her how he feels" and warns him that he will "regret it forever if he doesn't" - but he also is smart enough to tell his friend to wait until the mission is over before doing so.

He also has enough respect and is close enough to Martinez that he asks him over anyone else to talk to his parents if he dies on Mars. He, also jokes about how he would say that Martinez is his best friend but "that would be lame".

Mark takes time to joke to Vogel about he's really a mad scientist because he's "German, good at chemistry, and had a secret base" - the latter being the HAB. He also jokes with Johanssen and tells that that when he sees her next he will have to give her a wedgie because of her role as the crew's resident "hot nerd".

But he can also be rather harsh on others when he has no respect or feels there is none to be had for someone - he thinks less than highly of other students in his major during his undergrad days. He claims his reasoning is that he was there for the science of it and not for any "new world order bullshit" that the kids around him seemed to there for. (Well, he admitted they often tried to spend time thinking of new ways to grow pot too.)

“But really, they did it because every human being has a basic instinct to help each other out. It might not seem that way sometimes, but it’s true.”

Mark, however, also does have a tendency to think more positively about mankind than most people. He states that if an earthquake happens then people from all over the world send supplies and aid of all kinds. If someone goes missing on a mountain? People organize searches. He will admit that there are those who "don't give a shit" but overall, most people do.
His other most seen trait is his ability to quickly think and come up with solutions. Only about 56 days worth of rations for the entire crew? Ration it - he can make that stretch to last about a year. Still not enough food? He takes a look around and discovers potatoes meant for the crew to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. From there he realizes that they should be good for growing and decides to attempt to grow potatoes because with the Hab's medical supplies and ample vitamin supply - all he really needs is calories to survive. Need more water? Attempt to burn hydrogen but removing the oxygen from the place so a giant explosion can't result. But the potatoes will rot if he keeps them within the habitat? Easy, take the picked ones and toss them out onto the surface and effectively kill any bacteria that could present a problem.

Oh, a problem - he may have created a time bomb out of his "house" because a little bit of oxygen was released by his breathing?

In short? Mark deals with things in stride and can come up with solutions and then more solutions for when those don't work as planned. He also tends to find solutions by using a little more than duct tape and string - he has a creative mind on top of one that is quick and a stubborn inability to give up when things are bleak.



"Mechanical engineering" knowledge - Mark describes himself as the mission's "fix it guy who plays with plants" and this especially comes into play throughout multiple occasions in the book through his "fixing" of multiple items within the habit and managing to "reactivate" Pathfinder in order to communicate with Earth. He also, towards the end of the book, also has to modify the MAV to weigh less than it's normal weight in order to get off of the Martian surface (rather make it possible for Martinez to remote pilot it).

"Botany powers" - Mark, first and foremost, is a botanist and is an expert when it comes to plants. He is capable of growing crops with little more than some potatoes found with his food supply (Thanksgiving fell during the mission and according to Mark, "The psychologists at NASA thought it would be good for us to have a meal together - not just eat together but to prepare a meal together"), water created from , and his own crap (literally).

Chemistry (at least some knowledge in this area) - Mark is capable of creating water out of hydrazine.

However, he also turned the HAB into a ticking time bomb of hydrogen - which means he is no expert in the area, especially because it turns out that he did not account for the air that he himself was breathing/exhaling, causing his numbers to become off and the fact he finds that chemistry itself is a "sloppy bitch".


- One NASA issued suit for surface missions, minus one helmet with a cracked + hastily sealed face plate.

- One standard issue set of NASA regulation clothing (worn under the suit and potentially in layers).

Soul Gem:

Writing Samples:

Third Person:

Mark had found himself spending his evenings within the library pouring over any and all books about botany, farming, and engineering that he can find. He even had grabbed an armful of books about chemistry and survival tips. The table he had always chosen and if ever asked about he would have to admit that the lightning and distance to the sections he needed to use were perfect and the table wasn't too far from it.

He sometimes forgets to eat dinner and while he was already losing weight from his experience in his own universe - he's still finding that his uniform is loose fitting and even slightly more so than it had been before he woke up here. He internally tells himself to just get a couple more pages of notes written down first. He does at least manage to walk back to the hotel in the dark and get a decent night's sleep when the weird dreams decided not to kick in. 

Mark knows. He knows that once he leaves everything he studies here is going to be forgotten, along with any memories of anyone that he meets, but he still feels the drive to try to figure out a plan. He knows that his farm is as good as dead - he saw the potato plants scattered among the martian landscape under the scattered HAB materials - maybe there might be something that he could do, something that someone here knows - but it's a long shot and so far he has yet to figure out how to fix that. He also goes and tries to look for tips in chemistry - so he can hopefully avoid creating anymore ticking time bombs out of the few habitable places he has on that asshole planet. He even looks into ways to repair things as they break and it be more than some duct tape and good luck.

He even considers looking into finding a way to contact home or even to try to remember what he figures out here.

But, he muses, at least he's breathing.


Well, this is something. It's been a whole week, wait...there are weeks here, right?

(Mark can't help but try to laugh but he winces a bit - the whole slamming into walls due to the airlock blowing and then having to transport himself closer to the rover - note to anyone who is interested? Don't do it unless you are pretty sure you're going to die otherwise.)

I'm still convinced that hit my head (he did after all get flung across the martian surface is an airlock - he would be surprised if he didn't hit his head at least once, especially since had a broken face plate as proof), no wait, maybe this is me on the last of my oxygen and I'm having some sort of hallucination? Or I could just dreaming and that antenna is still sticking through me? And the last sols and whatever this place is supposed to be is some sort of dream? I mean, I think you're supposed to see your life flash before your eyes before you die. At least that's what all those nuts who go on TV claim.

(He pauses as if he's thinking this over.)

Boy, that would be depressing, wouldn't it? Also, I don't see any gates. No angels strumming harps either. Then again, I did destroy a wooden cross to make fire with...pretty sure according to most of those same people I'm not going to the "good place" if that's even what's there at the end. I, mean, I did kind of destroy my best friend's cross...of course, it was to save my own ass from starving to death. But, that's...uh, a long ass story for another day.

(The botanist begins to fiddle with some items in the background.)

I mean things seem real enough. I can't even remember ever having a vivid dream in my life, so I have nothing to go on there and I really didn't pay much attention when I took my required psychology course back in college. I think I might have laughed my way through it. Or slept. I fell asleep in the rover then...

Honestly, it doesn't really matter now.

(It seriously doesn't. Of course, he knows perfectly well just what the NASA shrinks would say about this. But, let's just go with it. It's a lot more pleasant to think that he's out of harm's way for the time being. Besides, when was the last time anyone's ever had a dream where there back still hurt like a mother?)
Come on, guys. (He can't help but kind of laugh again - then cue the wince.)

Anyway, been meaning to introduce myself. So, yeah, name's Mark Watney. Nice to meet you all. Hope you don't mind a wayward astronaut running around. As weird as this is...this sure as hell beats sitting in a smelly rover with your ears ringing.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the library because holy shit...books. Not messages off of a rover or data sticks, but ancient actual books...


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